Jane Dell
Jane Dell

Under 'New Members' my painting, "Nano Nature Orange Seaweed" is featured with Ann Landi's monthly impressive art newsletter.

Arts Unbound Invitational

SMART DUST-smallworks exhibition/"Smart Dust Nano Nature, 8"x8", mixed media/Mylar 2016

RECEPTION: SLA307 Gallery-December 9 th from 6-9pm, 307 West 30th Street, NYC

The term "Smart Dust" was dreamed up by UC Berkeley Professor Kris Pister in the 1990s. In this futuristic conception, the planet is sprinkled with zillions of micro/nano electro mechanical systems (MEMS), which monitor, detect, and interpret everything on Earth: light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, weight, chemicals, and, by extension, human thoughts, feelings, and desires. In a poetic way, this neural dust acts like the planet's central nervous system. In a more dystopian interpretation, it can become an ultimate totalitarian mind control machine.
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